Jessica Johnson

The Girl Behind The Mic

Jessica Johnson is a passionate motivational speaker and youth mentor, a born native of Huntsville, AL. After graduating from Tuskegee University in 2014 receiving a BS degree in Business Administration, Jessica pursued her full-time career in Human Resources. After 5 years working in corporate, Jessica was called to pursue her passion in motivational speaking and podcasting. Jessica’s passion for ministry and sharing her transformational testimony has grown over the years, where she plans to graciously travel across the world to share her gospel story.

Jessica has true a passion for young people and developing mentorship relationships to help encourage them to live life with purpose.  She has served has a seminar speaker for the 2018 South Central Youth Congress, a High School Youth Ministry Leader, a BlackOut Girls Mentor, and Young Adult Ministry Leader within her local community. She is currently on a Speaking Tour targeting the Atlanta Public School System, where she has the opportunity to speak hundreds of middle schoolers and high schoolers on finding their purpose while dealing with identity and peer pressure.

In October 2017, she launched her social media ministry called Listen Up with Jess, where she started off posting weekly videos to share personal testimonies of her life/ relationship with God while motivating young people to Listen Up to what God has called them to do. Fast forwarded to February 2019 Listen Up with Jess was relaunched into Christian Culture Podcast.  She continues to use her platform for Listen Up with Jess to reach thousands of young people across social media who desire to learn more about a relationship with God.